obby             rand, formerly known as Bobby James hails from San Francisco, California. A rare breed being one of the very few to be born & raised within the city limits. Known for his punchlines, puns & incredible wordplay; Bobby still believes in the power of lyricism while understanding the importance of remaining memorable.


This has created the perfect marriage for the artist who often gives you songs about his personal life, stories about where's he's from & what he's been through. Most true & some just to show how creative the Pen-King can be while getting across a moral. There's always room for a lyrical slaying of course, even if the creative piece is about nothing more than how much better than the competition he is.


If there's anything to be excited about when Bobby Grand is brought up in conversation it's the consistent quality verses, beats & hooks he's sure to provide. His perfectionisms & love for good music won't allow anything less.